OPEN POSITION: Electrical Engineer
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OPEN POSITION: Electrical Engineer

Sinceritas is now accepting applications for the ‘Electrical Engineer’ position. Interested? Read more for details on responsibilities and needed qualifications.


  • Designing, implementing and controlling electrical, electronics and automation for the various facility systems
  • Managing electrical, electronics and automation projects and completing them on time
  • Making sure the installations and systems match the company’s needs and safety standards
  • Conducting quality and performance analysis and performing regular inspections of existing and new electrical, electronics and automation systems
  • Giving instructions to the team of technicians for work tasks related to maintenance of electricity, electronics and automation
  • Checking the need for new equipment, calculates costs and helps plan a budget
  • Carrying out regular inspections of electrical, electronics and automation systems within the facility and implementing preventive and corrective measures
  • Preparing management reports
  • Preparing documentation and written procedures
  • Other responsibilities relevant to the candidate’s qualifications


  • University degree from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • A minimum of five years of relevant working experience
  • Working with BMS/EMS
  • Ability to detect possible equipment defects
  • Problem-solving and creative thinking skills
  • Flexibility and adaptability to change
  • Excellent computer, communication and organizational skills
  • Excellent ability for communication in both spoken and written English

The Electrical Engineer’s working hours are Monday to Friday, 08:30 to 16:30 at the Sinceritas Production Facility in Rosoman.

If interested in joining #TeamSinceritas, please send your updated resume to with the subject line reading: Application for the Electrical Engineer position

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