OPEN POSITION: Legal Advisor
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OPEN POSITION: Legal Advisor

Sinceritas is now accepting applications for the ‘Legal Advisor’ position. Interested? Read more for details on responsibilities and needed qualifications.

The Legal Advisor within Sinceritas is responsible for providing legal advice on all legal matters and other general corporate/commercial matters arising from the business and related to the law.


  • Provides legal advice on identifying legal, regulatory, and reputational risks and prepares practical business and legal recommendations that will Improve the company interests;
  • Prepares a wide range of legal documents including commercial contracts, legal policy documents and procedures, general business and legal work, etc.;
  • Provides legal and regulatory recommendations to executive managers that relate and meet with company’s operations;
  • Follows and advises on legal trends and developments and assists in formulating and implementing business policies and procedures related to the law;
  • Provides legal support when working with other team members;
  • Maintains a high level of professionalism and outstanding legal business assessment with an innovative approach to legal issues to support the company’s strategic business initiatives and goals


  • Analytical skills and ability to offer solutions to complex issues related to the legal framework;
  • Ability to deal with various aspects of business contracts; proven experience in making contracts, negotiation, general regulatory, corporate and commercial law;
  • Ability to prepare legal documentation;
  • Excellent oral and written communication;
  • Ability for legal research
  • Ability to legally represent the company
  • Excellent negotiation skills;
  • Ability to work in a dynamic environment with deadlines;
  • Ability to conduct proactive communication with clients while maintaining confidential relationship throughout the process;
  • Excellent time management and ability to perform multiple tasks at the same time;
  • Ability to provide an exceptional level of service to the company, partners, and clients;
  • Experience in negotiating with government agencies and/or legal and regulatory institutions;
  • Excellent problem-solving and decision-making skills;
  • Ability to work both independently and in a team alike;
  • Passed Law Exam;
  • A minimum of 4-year experience in a business/corporate law;
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English

The Legal Advisor’s working hours are Monday to Friday, 08:30 to 16:30 at the Sinceritas Headquarters in Skopje.

If interested in joining #TeamSinceritas, please send your updated resume to with the subject line reading: Application for the Legal Advisor position

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