OPEN POSITION: Mechanical Engineer
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OPEN POSITION: Mechanical Engineer

Sinceritas is now accepting applications for the ‘Mechanical Engineer’ position. Interested?
Read more for details on responsibilities and needed qualifications.

The Mechanical Engineer organizes and supervises the work of the Technical Operations Department including but not limited to: HVAC systems, automation, purified water, compressed air, gasses.


  • Supervising, performing control qualification, and maintaining the work of the implemented technical operations systems, such as: HVAC, automation, purified water, compressed air, gasses
  • Organizing, controlling, and overall management of the work of the technical operations team
  • Responsible for calibration and keeping calibration records
  • Simulating and testing the processes or equipment to ensure desirable functioning
  • Writing reports for senior colleagues outlining new concepts, testing outcomes, and ongoing efficiency
  • Programming new automated components to the manufacturing process
  • Creating SOPs, developing and maintaining clear and accurate documentation for the technical operations equipment and processes
  • Training staff where necessary – typically upon implementing new processes or equipment, or upon making changes to existing ones
  • Troubleshooting automated processes or equipment when errors occur
  • Included in ISU
  • Other responsibilities relevant to the employee’s qualifications and skills


  • Bachelor’s degree in automation, process control, electrical or mechanical engineering
  • A minimum of 5 years relevant working experience
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Equipment troubleshooting skills – this role will often need to debug or troubleshoot an existing system
  • Communication skills – will need to be able to explain novel and complex ideas to stakeholders of all levels and within multidisciplinary teams. Written communication skills will also be needed for keeping records and documentation, a key part of these regulated industries
  • Problem-solving and creative thinking – will be required to troubleshoot problems as they arise and find effective solutions
  • Organizational skills – to map out projects, prioritize workload and keep accurate documentation
  • Flexibility and adaptability – must be able to keep up with latest techniques and technologies as they develop
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English

The Mechanical Engineer’s working hours are Monday to Friday, 08:30 to 16:30 at the Sinceritas Production Facility in Rosoman, Kavadarci.

If interested in joining #TeamSinceritas, please send your updated resume to with the subject line reading: Application for the Mechanical Engineering’s position

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