OPEN POSITION: Molecular Biologist
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OPEN POSITION: Molecular Biologist

Sinceritas is now accepting applications for the ‘Molecular Biologist’ position. Interested? Read more for details on responsibilities and needed qualifications.

The Molecular Biologist is responsible for providing day-to-day support for laboratory-related research activities; for conducting various experiments; and for collaborating in a variety of functional areas.


  • Writing cultivation protocols
  • Monitoring the cultivation process and approving changes within it based on scientific knowledge
  • Preparing SOPs in compliance with GACP
  • Training operators
  • Recording production procedures and instruments in compliance with the requirements of the quality system
  • Implementing and completing required experiments for plant research and development in a team environment
  • Monitoring trends in the selection of plant species, and implementing new cultivation techniques
  • Working with and maintaining laboratory equipment/instruments
  • Maintaining laboratory documentation at a high-quality level in compliance with the applicable regulatory guidelines, as well as with the standard operating procedures
  • Documenting effective experiments, analyzing data, maintaining batch data, etc.
  • Proposing innovative methods of operation to improve work efficiency and application of the latest technologies.
  • Consulting literature to obtain basic information related to an experiment
  • Developing new methods to improve the efficiency of the existing methods and the SOPs
  • Monitoring technical advances in molecular biology of cannabis
  • Performing/Assisting in testing experimental results, instrument defects, and methodological problems
  • Other responsibilities relevant to the employee’s qualifications and skills


  • Required Education – M.Sc. (Plant Biology, Molecular Biology, Pharmacy) with 1-2 years experience, or B.Sc. (Plant Biology, Tissue Culture or Molecular Biology) with 3-5 years of work experience
  • A minimum of 2 years work experience in plant biology or molecular biology and/or tissue culture
  • Previous experience in growing plants indoors (preferably cannabis for medical use)
  • Experience with method validation, compliance with GMP norms and working practices (writing standard operating procedures is considered an advantage)
  • Previous experience in working with plant tissue/cell culture (aseptic conditions), preparation of utensils, handling glassware, cleaning, autoclaving, and preparation of media
  • Previous experience in molecular biology in plant research, molecular cloning, polymerase chain reaction, substrate design, vector construction, sequencing, sequential data analysis, gel electrophoresis, DNA extraction and purification
  • Particular attention to details is required for each task
  • Proven ability to organize and prioritize work is required in order to achieve work efficiency
  • Proven ability to use Microsoft Office suite efficiently

The Molecular Biologist’s working hours are Monday to Friday, 08:30 to 16:30 at the Sinceritas Production Facility in Rosoman, Kavadarci.

If interested in joining #TeamSinceritas, please send your updated resume to with the subject line reading: Application for the Molecular Biologist’s position

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