Premium Quality Pharmaceutical Cannabis Products

We cultivate and process pharmaceutical-grade cannabis into medicinal products that improve health and provide relief.

We Offer Full-Service
Cannabis and Hemp Testing

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Detailed potency testing of fourteen cannabinoid components, including CBD, CBL, THC isomers, and CBN
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Quantify 28 distinct terpene analytes to help customers develop products with taste and smell that fit their preferences
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High-performance liquid chromatography to test cannabis products for Aflatoxins (B1, B2, G1, G2) and Ochratoxin A
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Facility and Labs

Our facilities and laboratories are fully equipped with the latest technology and equipment for the indoor cultivation of cannabis.

Cultivation Area
Production Area
Growing Rooms
Class D Clean Rooms
Physico-chemical Laboratory
Microbiological Laboratory
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Affordable Medicine for All

Our goal is to help develop medicinal products that will improve patient health and provide relief. Through ongoing scientific research and development, we aim to unlock the full therapeutic potential of cannabis, opening the doors to new and revolutionary medical treatments.

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Purity and Quality
Above All

Whether you manufacture or test cannabis, we use cutting-edge technology and methodologies to help you develop high-quality products and meet emerging regulations.

Let's Grow Together

Sinceritas houses a diverse team of talented people looking for continual improvement and growth.

This means that we are often looking for talented, determined and people who excel in their field with an ambition to join us full-time or for an internship.

Sinceritas Team
Sinceritas Team

Let's Grow Together

We are a diverse team of talented people that are looking to grow and continually improve.

This means that we are often looking for talented, determined people who excel in their field and would like to join us full-time or for an internship.

A New Standard in Medical Cannabis Testing and Manufacturing

Our facility complies with EU GMP and the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO 17025)