We pride ourselves on being an equal opportunity employer. We hire and promote solely based on skills and experience.

Working at Sinceritas

We are a diverse team of talented people who are looking to grow and continually improve. This means that we are often looking for talented, determined people who excel in their field and would like to join us full-time or for an internship.
To support the development in the fields related to our work, Sinceritas also offers scholarships.

Open Positions

We are currently hiring for the positions listed below, but are always open to applications at for one of our six departments: Science, Administration, Operations, Finance, Sales, and Technology.


Our paid internship program usually lasts three months. We welcome students of pharmacy, chemistry, technology and metallurgy, biology, economics, languages, mechanical engineering, computer science, and electrical engineering.

We invite you to contact us at if you’re looking to learn from experience and mentorship and sharpen your skills. As part of your internship program, you will help our experienced team in performing everyday operations, processes, and document preparation.


Sinceritas has signed cooperation partnerships with the faculties of pharmacy, chemistry, biology, and technology. We are a proud sponsor of Masters, Specialization (pharmaceutical technology and quality control), and Ph.D. scholarships in fields related to our work.

For additional info contact us at