Manufacturing High-Quality Medicinal Cannabis Products in a Consistent and Reliable Way

Our Mission

We cultivate and process pharmaceutical-grade cannabis into medicinal products to improve patient health and provide relief. Offering cutting-edge solutions for numerous medical needs, we strive to meet every client’s unique requests by tailor-making each product.
We are a team of experienced science professionals that use industry-standard practices in agricultural and pharmaceutical techniques to manufacture high-quality medicinal cannabis products consistently and reliably. Our products are developed to retain all of the plant’s essential components and ensure a maximum medicinal effect, particularly in patients with rare and difficult-to-treat conditions.
Through ongoing scientific research and development, we aim to unlock the full therapeutic potential of cannabis, opening the doors to new and revolutionary medical treatments.

Fully Equipped for Indoor Cultivation of the Cannabis Plant

We use cutting-edge technology to achieve highly-controlled conditions, temperature, light, humidity, and ventilation (HVAC) for all processes, from growing to harvesting, extraction, and warehousing.

Cultivation Area
Production Area
Growing Rooms
Cloning Room
Vegetation Room
Harvesting Room
Class D Clean Rooms
Physico-chemical Laboratory
Microbiological Laboratory

Our Team

Our team consists of highly qualified scientists with decades of industry experience who have previously worked at some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the country. Our research and development is headed by a PhD research scientist with over 20 years’ industry and academic experience, with previous management positions in regulatory affairs and product development. The lead cultivator has been growing cannabis at the highest professional level for many years and brings a wealth of unmatched horticultural knowledge to the company.

Sinceritas is a company that prides itself on the skill, passion and dedication of its employees. Each job role is occupied by qualified professionals that excel in their fields. By leveraging the strengths and talent of each of our individuals, we aim to make an impact on the cannabis industry and those in need of treatment. It is our ambition to further develop the possibilities of what cannabis can do for peoples’ lives and for the future of medicine.

Robert Noveski
Founder & CEO


Standardized Operating Procedures From Growing To Harvesting

To ensure consistency and quality, we conduct a quality control procedure after every step before moving to the next one. To maintain the product’s consistent growth, we code and track every plant throughout the whole life cycle. Quality and purity are paramount to us, which is why we also have a strict no-pesticide policy.

The Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) Management Standard Certification verifies that the Sinceritas’ quality management system, complies with the requirements and standards for starting materials of herbal origin as published by the European Medicines Agency (EMEA), and World Health Organization’s (WHO) guidelines on GACP for medicinal plants.


With the Integrated Management System, Sinceritas combines all aspects of an organization’s systems, processes, and standards into one smart system consisting of:

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