Cannabis Flos

Cannabis Flos

Cannabis Flos

Our flos is produced from standardized plants grown indoors under controlled, automated conditions.

Manufactured to the highest industry standards

The flower from the cannabis plant, also known as flos, contains cannabinoids like Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD), which are the main compounds used in medicinal cannabis therapy.
There are different types of cannabis plant varieties for clinical use. Each product Sinceritas develops is according to pharmaceutical standards and has a defined active ingredient composition. Every stage of our manufacturing process is GMP-certified to ensure consistency in active ingredients, safety, and efficacy.
Compared to the other forms of medical cannabis products (like oils), the therapeutic application of flowers offers quicker onset of action.

Sinceritas offers a wide variety of cannabis flos products.

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We use standardized techniques and lab testing to ensure that our innovative medical cannabis products are reliable and safe for consistent replication and in compliance with:
International ISO Standards
GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practice)
GMP Standards (Good Manufacturing Practice)

Reference Standards

Our Certified Reference Materials are manufactured and certified to the highest industry standards including ISO 17034:2016.
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Cannabis-based APIs

Sinceritas offers Cannabis crude oil (60-80% cannabinoids), Cannabis distillate (up to 95% cannabinoids), and Isolates (phytocannabinoids).
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Cannabis Oil

Standardized Cannabis Extract

Sinceritas oil extracts are tailor-made to meet each client’s unique individual requests.
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