IWD 2022 • Celebrating the extraordinary women in Sinceritas
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IWD 2022 • Celebrating the extraordinary women in Sinceritas

March 8, or International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.

Unlike in some other, more traditional industries, the recent developments in the cannabis industry worldwide have demonstrated that women have played an important role from various positions: as business leaders, scientists and researchers, marketers, growers, etc.

Sinceritas is no exception.

Today, around two thirds of our company’s employees are women occupying positions across units and departments from Executive, to Scientific, and Financial to name a few. Sinceritas is a company that prides itself on the skill, passion, and dedication of its employees, recognizing the need to encourage women to enter the industry, and empower them to showcase their talent.

On this International Women’s Day, we celebrate the extraordinary women holding C-, Head and other level positions within Sinceritas AD who choose to challenge the everyday processes within our organization, placing it on the map on the global cannabis industry.

As we are developing medicinal products to improve health, provide relief, and offer healing to patients – are standing proud to state that we are also meeting the challenges of the 21st century: by providing a platform for equal opportunities for women in the medical cannabis industry.

Today reminds us to:

Celebrate women’s achievements.

Raise awareness against bias.

Take action for equality.

From our team to yours, Happy International Women’s Day!