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Sinceritas Summer BBQ

Having #TeamSinceritas working round-the-clock on standards to produce pharma-grade medical cannabis products, we couldn’t help but get everyone together for a classic red-and-white BBQ party.

First things first – mandatory testing with the NasoCheck Comfort SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test Kit took place in order to safely enjoy the party. Being designed for easy Covid-19 self-testing, we quickly confirmed the results and were off to some tasty grillin’ at the outdoor area of the production facility.

After all this time spent in pandemic restrictions; the number of changes our company went through; the hard work and long hours put in each of the processes across the six departments within Sinceritas (Science, Administration, Operations, Finance, Sales, and Technology) – our team was more than excited for this get-together!

Once the flavors and aroma of barbecue started to spread in the air – it was time for a party! Visit our Facebook Page for more photos of the 2021 Sinceritas Summer BBQ here.

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